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Molly Donahue

The Barrens Theatre Co.
Resident Director and Director of New Play Development
Molly H. Donahue is a Director and New Works Developer in Chicago. She is a founding member of The Barrens Theatre Co. and serves as their Director of New Play Development. She has directed immersive works such as "The Guest" with (re)discover theatre's For One series, "The Bloody Bathory Project Immersive Workshop", as well as the following re-worked remount, "Bloody Bathory". She also hosts and event directs "Out of Time, a 24Hr Immersive Play Fest". and produces the "Cold Sweat Immersive Festival" for The Barrens Theatre Co. She is enthralled by the immersive form in all it's levels. It can be big, it can be small - we just have to say yes to it.

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