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Rhonda Wilson

Rhonda is the Founder and Executive Director of Star Center Children’s Theatre. She is also a full-time Public Middle School Theater. She holds a B.S. degree from the University of Florida in Community Resource Economics. She is certified in Elementary Education, as a Media Specialist and Secondary Drama. She credits her childhood with her passion to create opportunities for youth. Rhonda founded the Star Center Children’s Theatre, an Arts Education organization, 18 years ago to educate and give performance opportunities to youth and their families. Star Center provides a place to build self-esteem, learn teamwork and gain confidence through the arts. Rhonda expanded her vision to reach families when she founded the Actors’ Warehouse, another non-profit theatre. Rhonda’s work has been recognized Nationally, Regionally and Statewide. Those awards include 2018 Tony Award Nomination for Excellence in Theatre Education, Allstate National Champion for Good, SETC’s Sara Spencer Child Drama Award, Florida Governor’s Award for Community Investment in Youth, Florida Distinguished Career Award, State Diversity and Inclusion Award, National Special Recognition Award from the American Association for Community Theatre and many recognitions. Rhonda continues to follow her passion and turned that small program that started 18 years ago into a year round season of shows, workshops and classes. When she is not directing, she can be found on the stage. She makes her New York off-Broadway debut in a solo performance of GROUNDED during the 2018 United Solo Festival. Her mission is to make sure every child or child at heart, has a place to SPARKLE and SHINE!

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