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Saturday, March 2

8:00am EST

8:30am EST

9:00am EST

High School Theatre Festival Debrief Holiday Inn - Parlour 4 A/BElaine Malone Keynote Emerging Artists of Promise Meeting III Knoxville Convention Center - Board RoomTonya Hays SETC 2020! Planning for Convention Knoxville Convention Center - Conference RoomBetsey Horth • Susie Prueter Attack of the Actions: Using Doable Actions to Experience Your Song Holiday Inn - SummitChelsea Nicholson Boot-iful Additions: Techniques for Spats, Gaiters and Boot Tops Knoxville Convention Center - 301 CEmily Heilig CANCELED: Find Your Funny: Clown Intensive Design & Technology Committee and Interest Meeting Knoxville Convention Center - 300 CJustin Reed • Neno Russell • Allison Steadman • Emily Strickland • Clemson Theatre Do Less! Acting and the Alexander Technique Knoxville Convention Center - Ballroom ALaura Matthews Everything You Need to Know About Airbrushes Knoxville Convention Center - 301 D/EBrad Darvas Hell Houses, Judgment Houses and More: Non-Traditional Religious Theatre Knoxville Convention Center - 301 BSam Wallace Navigating Change in Arts Organizations and Universities Knoxville Convention Center - 300 AMelissa Johnston • Ryan Kirk Playback Theatre: Improv With a Purpose Holiday Inn - Medallion/CarriageTenika Dye Burgess SETC Young Scholars Panel Presentation Holiday Inn - Parlour 2 A/BSarah McCarroll • Alex Ates • Kenya Gadsden Shakespeare on Your Feet! Using His Words to Play the Bard Holiday Inn - CrystalHerb Parker Stage Management: There's an App for That! Knoxville Convention Center - 300 BShawn Paul Evans • Julie A. Richardson • Ken White Strange Bed Fellows: Theatrical Ideal vs. Industry Reality Holiday Inn - Parlour 6Talon Beeson • Darren Michael Tap Into Rhythmic Play: Percussive Dance Skills Knoxville Convention Center - 200 D/EAnnalee Tull The __________ Monologues: Fill in the Blank and Write Your Own Hit Play Knoxville Convention Center - 301 AStuart Stelly Unlocking Character: Exploration of the Vocal Resonators Knoxville Convention Center - Ballroom BAnne Swedberg • Lynnae Lehfeldt Design Competition: Displays Open Knoxville Convention Center - Exhibit HallClemson Theatre • Allison Steadman • Emily Strickland • Neno Russell • Justin Reed Theatre Job Fair Knoxville Convention Center - Exhibit Hall - Theatre Job FairApril Marshall • Constance Smith

9:30am EST

10:00am EST

10:30am EST

National and State Executive Director Networking Forum Holiday Inn - Parlour 6Susie Prueter Secondary School Interest Group Holiday Inn - Parlour 4 A/BElaine Malone • Cody Willets #TempoTalk: Your Book, Your Cuts and the Audition Accompanist Holiday Inn - SummitBeth Burrier African Diasporic Dance Styles of Broadway Knoxville Convention Center - 200 D/EMadia Cooper-Ashirifi Brand Your Talent: Polish the Look, Book the Gig Knoxville Convention Center - 301 BStacy Gaudioso Building Fantasy Weapons Knoxville Convention Center - 300 BJustin Walsh CANCELED: Foundational Practices in Drawing for Theatre Designers Evoking Character: The Walks of the Suzuki Method of Actor Training Knoxville Convention Center - Ballroom CMatt Saltzberg Foreign Language/Movement: Exploration in Language and Physical Response Holiday Inn - CrystalCatherine Webster Giving the Go: An Introduction to Getting Cues From Page to Stage Knoxville Convention Center - 301 AKate Goodwin • Darren Levin I Write This and Leave It to Be Seen: Dracula and Immersive Theatre Knoxville Convention Center - 300 CBrandyn Graves • R Cliff Thompson Motion Capture Performance Knoxville Convention Center - 301 D/EAndrew Ray Playback Theatre Demonstration: Audience Stories Come to Life! Holiday Inn - Medallion/CarriageTenika Dye Burgess • Stavros Keritsis • Jeni Lamm • Ethan Norman • Melody Watts • Terry Weber Taking the Mystery Out of Auditioning Holiday Inn - Parlour 2 A/BJeremy Kent Jackson The Look for Less: Stage Makeup Swap Outs for Every Budget Knoxville Convention Center - 300 ATiffany Jordan Oily Cart's Multi-Sensory and Interactive Theatre for the Very Young and Young People With Complex Disabilities Knoxville Convention Center - Ballroom ATim Webb

11:00am EST

12:00pm EST

Out With the Old, In With the New Knoxville Convention Center - 301 ABetsey Horth Religion & Theatre Interest Group Holiday Inn - Parlour 4 A/BScott Hayes Bringing the Past to Life Through Living History Performance Holiday Inn - Parlour 2 A/BKaren Vuranch Consent and Creating Safe Theatrical Space Knoxville Convention Center - Ballroom CJacqueline Holloway • Sean McCarther Discovering Character Through Energy Centers Knoxville Convention Center - 301 D/EPaul Hurley Exploring Elements: Qualities of Movement and Neutral Mask Knoxville Convention Center - Ballroom BLynnae Lehfeldt Fast and Furious: Secrets for Quick Change Magic Knoxville Convention Center - 300 BTriffin Morris I Wrote a Play! So Now What? Knoxville Convention Center - 300 DRoger Bean Improving Your Work Through Improvisation Holiday Inn - CrystalNew York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts Let's Talk! Share Ideas and Strategies for Successful Musical Programs Knoxville Convention Center - 300 CSusan Pike Management and Leadership: A Public Display of Vulnerability Holiday Inn - Parlour 6Sarah Chandler • Taylor Dyleski • Elizabeth Haynes Mind the Gap: Gender Parity in Pay, Jobs and Career Length in the Southeast Holiday Inn - Medallion/CarriageBrittany Bodley • Rowen Haigh Multilayered Sound Design Knoxville Convention Center - 301 BNicholas Drashner Speak Easy: Releasing With Ease and Expression Knoxville Convention Center - 200 D/EKimberly Willard Teaching Stage Management Knoxville Convention Center - Conference RoomKaren Baker • Stacy Blackburn • Patricia Crotty • Jen Lane • Cherrie Sciro Ten-Minute Plays: It's a Small World After All Knoxville Convention Center - 300 ADavid Beach • Lauren Brooke Ellis • Laura King • Kimberly Patterson

1:00pm EST

History/Theory/Lit/Crit Interest Group Holiday Inn - Parlour 2 A/BSarah McCarroll • Steven Burch Stage Management Committee Meeting Knoxville Convention Center - Board RoomStacy Blackburn • Karen Baker Strategic Planning Committee Meeting Knoxville Convention Center - Conference RoomFurman University Playwright's Corner Holiday Inn - Parlour 6Darren Michael CANCELED: Using Intent and Imagery to Explore Contemporary Non-Realism Knoxville Convention Center - Ballroom B Developing Voice and Speech Curricula Knoxville Convention Center - 301 CTaylor Bosta • Stacey Cabaj • Rebecca Covey • Erica Hughes Enhance Your Performance With Locomotion Knoxville Convention Center - Ballroom ACody Willets Fasten Your SeatBELT: The Basics of Belting Holiday Inn - SummitJustin John Moniz Incarcerated Art: Applied Theatre in Prison Holiday Inn - Medallion/CarriageLindsay Bytof Juggling 101: Juglito Ergo Sum, the Revenge Knoxville Convention Center - 200 D/EMichael Williams Junkanoo to the Theatre Stage Knoxville Convention Center - 301 ATim Matheny KCACTF Respondent Training: Speaking to Young Artists (Part 2) Holiday Inn - Parlour 4 A/BJoel Williams No Nose Knows Shows: Casual Clowning in Standard Performance Holiday Inn - CrystalAaron Gotlieb Period Corded Corsets and the Dancer in Music Theatre Knoxville Convention Center - 301 BJack Smith Shadowbox Live Information Session and Rock Vocal Workshop Knoxville Convention Center - 300 CStacie Boord Staging Intimacy in Education Knoxville Convention Center - 300 BKate Busselle • Chelsea Pace • Laura Rikard Teaching Stagecraft and Design to Grades 5–12 Knoxville Convention Center - 300 DMike Morin • Owen-Beyer Raven • Liz Whalen The Intense Tension Intensive: Play With Your Tensions Knoxville Convention Center - 301 D/EJames Peck What's Haunting You? Confronting Your Character's Ghosts Knoxville Convention Center - Ballroom CJesse Graham

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