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Thursday, February 28

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Ten-Minute Play Festival: Casting Holiday Inn - Parlour 6Lauren Brooke Ellis Keynote Emerging Artists of Promise Meeting I Holiday Inn - Parlour 1Tonya Hays Playwriting Interest Group Holiday Inn - Parlour 4 A/BDarren Michael • Joe Frost Actorbatics! Intro to Droznin Russian Movement UT Conference Center - 400 ACarrigan O'Brian All About Attack: Contemporary/Commercial Dance Knoxville Convention Center - 200 D/ERoy Lightner Artist as Entrepreneur: How to Produce Your Own Work UT Conference Center - 413 BEmily Emerson Beg, Borrow, Buy or Build: Costume Budgeting Knoxville Convention Center - 300 BNorcostco Blueprints for Brilliance! New Techniques for Improved Pattern Drafting Knoxville Convention Center - Exhibit Hall Workshop SpaceKyla Kazuschyk Boost Your Shakespeare Monologue in Just One Session! UT Conference Center - 413 CTimothy Mooney Repertory CANCELED: Fringe Marketing: Tools for Advertising You Creating Your Own Original Musical Holiday Inn - Parlour 2 A/BAndreas Häberlin • Vincent Pelligrino • Elizabeth Turner Design South: Scenic Knoxville Convention Center - 300 AKrista Franco KCACTF Region 4 Revealed: Structure, Operations and Opportunities Knoxville Convention Center - Board RoomJoel Williams Media Lab: Interest/Participant Meeting Knoxville Convention Center - 301 CKenton Yeager • Yeagerlabs Meisner Acting: Living in the Moment Knoxville Convention Center - Ballroom BGary Kingston New Technology for Stage Managers UT Conference Center - 417Shawn Paul Evans Sketching, Rendering and Model Making for the Theatre Knoxville Convention Center - 301 BBill Black • J. Theresa Bush • Randall Enlow • Jessica Gaffney • Terry Jachimiak • Tiffany Jordan • Christopher Pickart • Isaac Ramsey • Michael Riha • Lauren Roark • Jared Spears The Truths of Stage Combat Knoxville Convention Center - 300 CCaitlyn Herzlinger Theatrical Imagination in the Bible: Acting Before the Greeks Knoxville Convention Center - Ballroom AR Cliff Thompson This One's for the Boys: Belting for Males Holiday Inn - SummitNancy Wolfgang Using Michael Chekhov's Psychological Gesture With Monologues Knoxville Convention Center - 301 D/ESusan Cato-Chapman • Mark Monday Yoga Techniques for Teaching Innovation Knoxville Convention Center - Ballroom CEric Abele Theatre for Youth Festival Performance: Alladin, JR. Knoxville Convention Center - Ballroom E-GLaura Byland • Tim Webb • Rhonda Wilson Design Competition: Check-In and Display Setup Knoxville Convention Center - Exhibit HallClemson Theatre • Allison Steadman • Emily Strickland • Neno Russell • Justin Reed Musical Theatre Coaching Sessions UT Conference Center - 411Valerie Accetta • Ian LeRoy • Nancy Wolfgang

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Arts Administration Interest Group Holiday Inn - Parlour 4 A/BDominic Yeager Active Script Analysis for Directors: Reading Deep While on Your Feet Knoxville Convention Center - Ballroom BAnnie Levy Basics of Stage Management: What Beginners Need to Know UT Conference Center - 417Russell Luke • Julie A. Richardson Design South: Lighting Knoxville Convention Center - 300 AMichael Barnett • Christian DeAngelis • Victoria Fisher • Chris Haug • Darren Levin Digital Textile Design: Creating Custom Fabrics for Theatrical Design Knoxville Convention Center - 300 CAmber Marisa Cook Improving First Impressions Tools: Business Card, Resume and Portfolio Knoxville Convention Center - 301 BTracy Armagost • Jane Childs Keep It Clean! Sanitation and Hygiene Practices for Makeup Artists and Actors Knoxville Convention Center - Exhibit Hall Workshop SpaceJason Estala Key Plays: Theatre and the Law Holiday Inn - Parlour 2 A/BBecky K. Becker • Steven Burch • Michael Howley • Sarah McCarroll • Timothy Pyles Life After College: Bridging the Gap Between Undergrad and the Profession Holiday Inn - Parlour 1Lara Berich • Sara Ross • Brian Smallwood • John Wolf Magic Tricks! Overview, Culture and Learning UT Conference Center - 413 CGeorge Younts Partner Characterization: A Text-Free Approach to Building Character UT Conference Center - 400 ABob Shryock Seeing Beyond the Space: Designing in Small Spaces With Big Ideas Knoxville Convention Center - 300 BRandall Enlow SketchUp for Scenic Design UT Conference Center - 413 BDelbert Hall Stanislavsky Says: Focus and Ensemble Exercises From Moscow Art Theatre School Knoxville Convention Center - Ballroom AJennifer Goff The Job Market: Marketing Yourself for the Industry and Graduate Schools Knoxville Convention Center - 301 AMatthew Miller The Nerve-Proof Audition Workshop Holiday Inn - SummitMichael Unger The Slap and the Fall: Common Sites of Injury in Staged Violence Knoxville Convention Center - 301 D/ERobert Aronowitz Unarmed in the Round: Stage Combat Knoxville Convention Center - Ballroom CCaitlyn Herzlinger • Andrew Ray Wireless Microphone Rigging for Theatre Knoxville Convention Center - 300 DMichael Smith Women's Writing Case Study: From Initiation to Full Production and Beyond Knoxville Convention Center - Board RoomLinda Nell Cooper Writing Adaptations: An Easy Workshop on Gaining Perspective UT Conference Center - 413 AElizabeth Kirkland Theatre for Youth Festival Performance: Cityscape Knoxville Convention Center - Ballroom E-GLaura Byland • Tim Webb • Rhonda Wilson Dance Prep: Preparation, Presentation & Career Planning Knoxville Convention Center - 200 D/EStephanie Swant Theatre Job Fair Knoxville Convention Center - Exhibit Hall - Theatre Job FairApril Marshall • Constance Smith

11:00am EST

12:00pm EST

Past Presidents Committee Meeting Knoxville Convention Center - Board RoomJack Benjamin Scholarship Procedures Committee Meeting Knoxville Convention Center - Conference RoomDean Slusser Auditioning Literally A to Z: Tips for the Young Actor Knoxville Convention Center - 300 DLeland Blair Big Choices: Audition Clowning! Knoxville Convention Center - Ballroom CMatthew Crider CANCELED: Building Bridges and Audiences: Using Community Partnerships to Help You Grow Cue Calling in a Modern World UT Conference Center - 417Jeffery Cochran Design South: Projection Design Knoxville Convention Center - 300 AJoseph Payne Digital Design and Fabrication in the Scenic Shop Holiday Inn - Parlour 2 A/BFrank Marquette Face Your Fundraising Fears: Tools and Tips for the Hesitant Fundraiser Knoxville Convention Center - 301 BAmanda Nelson, Virginia Tech, Associate Professor, Theatre, and Director, MFA Arts Leadership Go, Make You Ready: Voice, Text and Presence for the Actor UT Conference Center - 400 ADavid Schwingle Inclusive Theatre: How to Make Your Production Entirely Sensory Friendly UT Conference Center - 413 AJohannah Maynard Edwards Oops, Where'd My Line Go? How Meditation Can Help You Find It Again Knoxville Convention Center - Ballroom BSeret Cole Quick Digital Lighting Renderings Knoxville Convention Center - 301 AWilliam Lowry Shakespeare Monologue Jam Session: Bring 10 Lines! Knoxville Convention Center - 301 D/EDoreen Bechtol • Matthew Davies So Many Choices! How Do I Cast It? Knoxville Convention Center - 301 CPaul Crook Stage Combat Panel Holiday Inn - Parlour 4 A/BMatthew R. Wilson The Devil Wore a Blue Dress . . . Wait, Why Is It Green?! Knoxville Convention Center - 300 CVictoria Fisher Theatre Through Non-Literature: Joseph Grimaldi Knoxville Convention Center - 300 BMichael Williams Viewpoints: Directing Physical Action Knoxville Convention Center - Ballroom AGeoffrey Reynolds Vocal Relaxation: Let's Make Singing Look and Feel Easy Holiday Inn - SummitJennifer Arbogast Wilson Wardrobe Strategies for Student Crews Knoxville Convention Center - Exhibit Hall Workshop SpaceElizabeth Aaron • Amber Williams Theatre for Youth Festival Performance: James and the Giant Peach JR. Knoxville Convention Center - Ballroom E-GLaura Byland • Tim Webb • Rhonda Wilson Design Portfolio Review Knoxville Convention Center - Exhibit Hall Design Response SpaceJustin Reed • Neno Russell • Allison Steadman • Emily Strickland • Clemson Theatre Community Theatre Festival Performances: Block 1 Austin-East Magnet High SchoolLyle Tate • James Alexander Bond • T.K. Lee • Amy Wratchford • Austin-East Magnet High School • Dramatists Play Service

1:00pm EST

Acting in Your Own Short Film Holiday Inn - Parlour 2 A/BGabrielle Berberich • Greg Chwerchak • Brett Goldstein Allies in the Arts: Exploring Privilege in Theatre Panel Knoxville Convention Center - 301 AAnnette Grevious • Will Lowry • Jessika Cummins • Kyla Kazuschyk • Esther Newell • Yolanda Williams CANCELED: Write a Play Right Away Choosing and Performing Contemporary Monologues: A Workshop for Actors Knoxville Convention Center - Ballroom BLawrence Haynes • Courtney Kochuba Contact Improv for Actors: Create a Deeper Connection to Scene Work Knoxville Convention Center - Ballroom CCasey Sams Creative Costumes on a Tight Budget: Beauty and the Beast for $1,500! Knoxville Convention Center - Exhibit Hall Workshop SpaceCynthia Lohrmann Design South: Sound Knoxville Convention Center - 300 ANicholas Drashner Design/Tech Portfolio Creation Knoxville Convention Center - 300 CDale Pickard From College to Career: Mentoring Through the Transition Holiday Inn - Parlour 1CC Conn Intro to Production Budgeting for Managers UT Conference Center - 413 BMelissa Johnston • Ryan Kirk Life After Graduation: How to Start Being a Working Actor UT Conference Center - 413 ABrianna Reis Ryan New Walk, New Talk Knoxville Convention Center - Ballroom APaul Bawek Refilling the Reservoir: Self-Care for Theatre Arts Career Sustainability Holiday Inn - Parlour 6Rowen Haigh Safe Scenery Through Foam: Building Structures and Sets With Foam Knoxville Convention Center - 300 DDavid Morgan Speaking With Skill: Intro to Knight-Thompson Speechwork (KTS) Knoxville Convention Center - 301 BRyan Long • Terry Tocantins Stage Managing Outdoor Theatre UT Conference Center - 417Shawn Paul Evans • Jen Lane • Julie A. Richardson Staging Shakespeare: Discovering Movement in Language Knoxville Convention Center - 301 D/EMolly Claassen Starting a Capital Campaign Knoxville Convention Center - 301 CRobert Thomas Tennessee Williams's Plastic Theatre: A Call to Action Knoxville Convention Center - 300 BTiza Garland The Farm Theater College Collaboration: Students and New Play Development UT Conference Center - 413 CMaegan Azar • David Charles • Jennifer Goff • Matthew Hallock • Padraic Lillis Theatrical Masks in Therapy UT Conference Center - 400 ADale Savidge

2:30pm EST

4:00pm EST

Theatre for Youth Festival Critique Knoxville Convention Center - 301 D/ELaura Byland • Tim Webb • Rhonda Wilson Cultural Diversity Interest Group Holiday Inn - Parlour 4 A/BKyla Kazuschyk Directing Interest Meeting Holiday Inn - Parlour 1Richard St. Peter Publications Committee Meeting Knoxville Convention Center - Board RoomJ.K. Curry • Deanna Thompson State Executive Director Roundtable Holiday Inn - CumberlandBetsey Horth Acting the Song: A One-On-One Workshop for Performers With Q+A for Coaches Holiday Inn - SummitLisa Wipperling Alternative Careers for Stage Managers: Beyond Rehearsal and Performance Spaces UT Conference Center - 413 BJerre Brisky Audition Q&A With a Disney Casting Director Knoxville Convention Center - 300 CMark Catlett Create, Don't Critique! UT Conference Center - 411Lori Guy CrossFit Clown Knoxville Convention Center - Ballroom BMatthew Belopavlovich Design South: Costume Technology and Props Knoxville Convention Center - 300 ATracy Floyd • Logan Reagan Dialects: An Inroad to Character and Connection! UT Conference Center - 400 ALinda Brennan Expanding Careers in Design and Technology Knoxville Convention Center - Exhibit Hall Workshop SpaceLara Berich • James Gage • Sara Ross • Brian Smallwood • John Wolf Fundraising Best Practices: It's All About Building Relationships Knoxville Convention Center - 301 BAmanda Nelson, Virginia Tech, Associate Professor, Theatre, and Director, MFA Arts Leadership How to Fight a Bear: Creating Choreography With Character Knoxville Convention Center - Ballroom CCaitlyn Herzlinger • Paul Pharris • Andrew Ray New York to L.A.: The Business of Acting on the Coasts UT Conference Center - 413 CAnnie Hartkemeyer • Ryan Chittaphong • Johnny Yoder Parent and Working Artist: Support for the Necessities of Childcare Knoxville Convention Center - 300 BMaegan Azar • Brittany Bodley • Molly Claassen • Johannah Maynard Edwards • Rowen Haigh • Brian Smallwood Playwriting Aerobics: Focused Writing Exercises UT Conference Center - 413 ADoug Grissom Teaching Production Management Holiday Inn - Parlour 2 A/BMelissa Johnston • Ryan Kirk Unpacking the Bard with Laban Knoxville Convention Center - Ballroom AMargaret Buckner Vectorworks: Generating 3D Build Plans for Scenic Shops Knoxville Convention Center - 301 ACamden Simon What Does It Mean to Be an Assistant Stage Manager? UT Conference Center - 417Jeffery Cochran Ten-Minute Play Festival: Tech Rehearsals Knoxville Convention Center - Ballroom E-GLauren Brooke Ellis Food Trucks Knoxville Convention Center - Outdoor Plaza Terrace (Second Floor) Happy Hour / Cash Bar Knoxville Convention Center - Rotunda RoomElectronic Theatre Controls (ETC) • SETC Women in Theatre

4:30pm EST

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5:30pm EST

Voice and Speech Interest Group Holiday Inn - CumberlandStacey Cabaj • Rebecca Covey Acting for the Camera: Making the Shift from Stage to Screen Knoxville Convention Center - 300 BJames Leagre Authentic Voice: The Work of Patsy Rodenburg Knoxville Convention Center - Ballroom BGabrielle Berberich CANCELED: The Silent (and Not-So-Silent) Art of Mime Chekhov's Imaginary Body and Laban/Bartenieff Principles Knoxville Convention Center - Ballroom AJennifer Mizenko Design South: Costume Design Knoxville Convention Center - 300 AAllison Steadman Directing and Acting In-the-Round: An Exploration of Style and Its Rewards Knoxville Convention Center - 301 D/EKathleen Parker • Robert Parker Embodying Character Transformation UT Conference Center - 400 ACharles Daniel High School Audition Workshop: Former Teachers Give Feedback UT Conference Center - 411James Chrismon • Stephen Gundersheim Interview Stumpers and Stumbles for Stage Managers UT Conference Center - 417Stacy Blackburn • Ken White KCACTF Respondent Training: Speaking to Young Artists (Part 1) Holiday Inn - Parlour 4 A/BJoel Williams One New Play a Season: A Forum on Guest Artist Programs UT Conference Center - 413 AThomas DeTitta Physicalizing Table Work: On Your Feet the First Week UT Conference Center - 413 CChristie Maturo Productivity Through Wellness: Avoiding Burnout With Management Holiday Inn - Parlour 2 A/BBrian Smallwood Projection Design: Using Digital Tools to Visualize Your Design Knoxville Convention Center - 301 BJeremy Reynolds Ready to Direct Discussion Holiday Inn - Parlour 1Preston Lane Special Effects Makeup for the Stage Knoxville Convention Center - 300 CGene Flaharty The Thousand O's of Shakespeare: An Exploration in Sound Knoxville Convention Center - Ballroom CIan Andersen When Theatre Encounters the Paradox of Fiction Knoxville Convention Center - 301 AJeff Day Why Does This Pianist Hate Me? Working With Audition Pianists Holiday Inn - SummitIan LeRoy SETC Screening Auditions Coordinator Meeting Knoxville Convention Center - 200 AMarci Duncan

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